The expectations regarding healthcare quality, efficiency and patient safety are constantly evolving. CTHealthLink offers a suite of services that  can help you - the provider, healthcare professional or patient - adapt to the ever-changing technological healthcare landscape.

Our goal at CTHealthLink is to improve healthcare quality, coordination and efficiency through the exchange of health information at the point of care. We utilize a secure electronic network provided by a collaboration of healthcare organizations, ultimately streamlining healthcare information for health professionals and patients.

CTHealthLink recognizes that patients receive care from many types of clinicians, in many different locations. As a result, CTHealthLink welcomes the participation of physician offices, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, behavioral health facilities, federally-qualified health centers (FQHCs), and other sites on the exchange.

Patients will also benefit from CTHealthLink, as they will be able to securely view all of their health information in one place. 

CSMS is partnering with KAMMCO to transform healthcare delivery and improve patient health outcomes in Connecticut through CTHealthLink.

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