CTHealthLink Changing the Healthcare Paradigm

CTHealthLink Changing the Healthcare Paradigm:
Using Clinical Data to Improve Care for High-Risk Patients

CTHealthLink, the new statewide health information exchange (HIE) developed in partnership by the Connecticut State Medical Society and KaMMCO Health Solutions, offers Connecticut clinicians a powerful new analytics tool to help improve the quality of patient care.

CTHealthLink's HIE function securely aggregates patient data from all participating clinicians who provide patient care, even if those clinicians are using different electronic health records (EHR). The analytics dashboards in CTHealthLink’s unique technology platform then take that aggregated patient data a step further.

By combining near real-time clinical information with sophisticated machine learning, CTHealthLink analytics dashboards provide actionable, up-to-date clinical information. This information can help physicians and other clinicians predict which patients will need healthcare support or interventions, often before patients realize they may have a serious health problem.

CTHealthLink offers a variety of analytics dashboards, including:

  • Preventing Emergency Department (ED) Overuse: CTHealthLink can provide physicians and hospitals with detailed information about patient ED utilization, generally within a day of the ED visit. Tracked utilization trends include dates between visits, days of the week with most visits, time of day, and reasons for the ED visit. This data helps predict the likelihood of future ED visits, so that care management teams can assist patients in finding more appropriate sources of care.
  • Identifying Rising Risk and High Risk Patients: Because patients receive care in many locations, in Connecticut and elsewhere, physicians and hospitals often have little or no insight into their rising risk and high risk patients. Clinicians using the CTHealthLink analytics dashboards are provided with an updated daily list of patients with chronic health conditions, such as diabetes. This timely information provides critical insight for clinicians, who can then assist those patients who need personalized intervention.
  • Readmission Management: Physicians and hospitals are provided with daily updates regarding patient readmission at their hospital or any other hospital in the last 30 days. CTHealthLink analytics provide insight into the number of days between discharge and readmission, and support care management interventions to reduce overall readmissions that result in penalties for physicians and hospitals. The dashboards can also provide information on staffing for high readmit times of the year, locations where patients are most likely to be readmitted based on disease conditions, and readmission trends over time.
  • Geospatial Disease Mapping: Wellness, disease management and other population health programs often rely on outdated, incomplete claims data. The robust, stratified CTHealthLink data is updated daily, and identifies areas where wellness, population health and chronic disease management programs will have the greatest benefit to patients and the community.

About CTHealthLink:

CTHealthLink is a physician-led health information network delivered in partnership with the Connecticut State Medical Society (CSMS) offering a suite of health information technology tools to help health professionals across the state of Connecticut CONNECT. ANALYZE. ENGAGE. And TRANSFORM. the healthcare industry. Visit www.cthealthlink.com to learn more.