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Patient Participation

Patient Participation in CTHealthLink’s Health Information Exchange (HIE) enables secure, digital transmission or “exchange” of patient health information among healthcare providers. By participating, providers can manage patient care more efficiently and effectively, ultimately leading to improved care for you, the patient.

Benefits of Patient Participation

When it comes to your healthcare data and allowing providers to securely access your information to improve your health outcomes, you are in the driver’s seat. You can allow participating physicians, hospitals and other healthcare-related entities to share your health information through our secure, electronic health information network.

  • Emergency room care teams can quickly access your health history.
  • Care doesn’t all happen in only one facility. Ensure allyour providers can access critical information such as medications, allergies and immunizations.
  • Avoid duplicative medical tests and labs.
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Participation in our HIE is an individual decision


allows you to opt back in to share your information again through our HIE.


Prevents your information from being available through our HIE.